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Final Jan. 6 Hearing

The House Jan. 6 Committee is set to hold its final public hearing today, with the panel expected to make referrals for a number of individuals they allege committed crimes during last January's storming of the US Capitol. The referrals are nonbinding and carry no legal weight but instead act as a recommendation from the panel to the Justice Department to take further action.

Reports Friday suggested the panel will vote on issuing a criminal referral for former President Donald Trump on three charges—conspiracy, fraud, and insurrection. The panel is also expected to consider charges for other individuals, yet to be identified as of this morning. Trump and allies have argued the roughly 18-month-long effort by the Democratic-led committee is politically motivated.

The panel will disband at the end of the current congressional session, which lasts through Jan. 2. Functionally, Special Counsel Jack Smith will determine whether to pursue charges. Livestream the hearing here (12:45 pm ET).

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