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Finland School Shooting

Finnish police detained a 12-year-old boy yesterday after he opened fire at a school in a city northeast of Finland's capital of Helsinki, killing one student and wounding two others. The suspect and three victims were all sixth graders attending the Viertola school of roughly 800 students in Finland's fourth-largest city, Vantaa. 

Police, who are investigating the case as a murder and attempted murder, said the young suspect had a handgun in his possession when he was found in the Helsinki area less than an hour after the shooting took place. The handgun was registered and licensed to a relative. The suspect admitted to the shooting in a preliminary interview with police, but a motive is unclear. No other details were made public. Children under the age of 15 are not criminally liable in Finland, meaning the suspect cannot be formally arrested and will be handed over to social services. 

School shootings in Finland are considered rare, with four having occurred in the past 35 years. See an overview here

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