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On Monday, June 12, 2023, the Clay County Fire and Rescue held its monthly business meeting at Station 1 which started at 6:00 pm. Chief Brian Anderson called the meeting to order which was opened in prayer.

Chief Anderson opened the meeting discussing the ‘old’ business that has been before the CCFR Board of Directors. He reported that we have tested several new waterpoints and will be finishing that up so they can be presented to the State for possible certification.

By clarification, since we have a limited number of hydrants to supply water, we have to determine what other possible water supply sources (aka waterpoints) that may be available in the county. Several things have to happen for a stream, river, pond, or lake to be certified by the State for the Fire Department to be able to use it. They need to be located, owner authorized, access points for fire trucks and equipment to safely get to and from as well as testing (how much water is available through that waterpoint). Once all these steps are done, the information is submitted to the State and wait for the powers that be to review and test the proposed waterpoints and, hopefully, receive certification.

Subsequently, Chief Anderson opened the ‘new’ business and reported that the 2023-2024 department budget will be presented to the CCFR Board for their review and consideration.

With the consolidation of the department, a number of members didn’t have the standard Department uniforms. Members have been ‘measured’ and the Chief has ordered the needed uniforms.

Regarding the new Brasstown, Station 14, the Chief reported that the cement pads have been poured. He has given the ‘go ahead’ to the asphalt company to finish the work on the parking lot.

One of the hold ups for moving into the building has been the well being drilled and connected. It is believed that within the next couple weeks, the well will be in and functioning. There is some minor interior work still to be finished but did report that the electronic locks are programmed and are working. The meeting was called to a close.

This writer remains hopeful that in the very near future, we will begin planning the actual move from the old Brasstown station to the new one.

Personally, since the community has been so supportive of this new station, I would love to see a parade event planned … maybe from the old station to the new one … with the route lined by the supporters who made it possible so they can witness this event. Maybe a nice ribbon cutting ceremony could be planned at the new station … let’s add in an open house at the new station.

If/when anything gets planned for the move to the new Brasstown station, I’ll let you know as much in advance as I can so you can plan to attend! Count on it!

Clay County Fire & Rescue

Week of June 7 – 13, 2023 Total calls = 20

Medical Assist Calls – 12

Brush Fire – 3

Dispatched, Cancelled En Route – 1

False Alarm – 1

Electric Wiring/Equipment Problem - 1

Citizen Assist, Assist Invalid - 1

Motor Vehicle Accident - 1

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