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First early voting weekend sees turnout uptick over 2020 primary

The first Saturday of early voting for North Carolina’s 2024 primary elections saw a slight increase in turnout compared to the 2020 primaries, with more unaffiliated voters choosing Republican ballots over Democrat ones.

Early voting began on Feb. 15 and will continue until March 2 across 360 sites in the state. Unaffiliated voters, now the largest group at 36.82%, play a significant role in the elections, despite historically higher participation among Democrats. In 2022, despite Democrats having an early voting advantage, 62% of unaffiliated voters chose Republican ballots.

Same-day voter registration is available during early voting, requiring photo ID and proof of address. Efforts are being made to facilitate student voting, such as setting up voting sites on college campuses. Valid forms of photo ID include student IDs, driver’s licenses, state IDs, military IDs, free voter IDs, and tribal enrollment cards.


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