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Former President Trump Weighs in on Maryland election

Photo by Gage Skidmore / Flickr

President Donald Trump

Press Release

Hearing RINO Larry Hogan has tried to come to the rescue of his fellow “Never Trumper,” Kelly Schulz. They say the Democrats want to face Dan Cox in the general election, when the opposite is true. It is just more Democrat disinformation. They want weak RINO Schulz, who is endorsed by the Amazon Washington Post.

The Schulz campaign is coming up with last minute smears because they know their candidate is losing, and losing big! Schulz even got a “tip” on what the Democrat Governor Association is doing (Collusion?). It’s all phony games. The last thing Radical Left Democrats want is a real fighter in Maryland, or any other great state, and that’s Dan Cox all the way. Dan is the MAGA candidate who will save Maryland from the lunatics trying to destroy our borders, destroy our economy, destroy our energy, and destroy our schools.

Primary day is July 19th, vote for Dan Cox, and his fantastic running mate, Gordana Schifanelli, who both have my Complete and Total Endorsement. They will never let you down!

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