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Four-Day Workweek Study

Results released yesterday show a recent four-day workweek trial in the UK had 56 of 61 participating companies continuing with the policy. The study, conducted from June to December, included 2,900 employees from a range of industries, with the average workweek around 32 hours and compensation kept the same.

The results showed 71% of employees reported less burnout, 39% less stress, and 60% better work-life balance. Fewer workers quit or took sick days compared to the same period in the previous year. Among the 23 companies that shared sales numbers, the average revenue grew 1.4% during the trial.

In the US, legislators in Maryland this week proposed a five-year, four-day workweek pilot program in exchange for tax credits for participating businesses. See some companies in the US that currently offer a four-day schedule.

See the history of the concept here.

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