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France's New Premier

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed 34-year-old Gabriel Attal prime minister yesterday, making Attal both the youngest and first openly gay head of France's government since the current constitution's establishment in 1958. The appointment follows the Monday resignation of Élisabeth Borne, who served for the first 18 months of Macron's second term and was the second woman in the role

Analysts viewed the cabinet reshuffle as a reset of Macron's final term, as the 46-year-old vies for votes with Marine Le Pen's ascendant National Rally party ahead of European Parliament elections this summer. The president's approval rating has dropped to 27% amid last year's unpopular retirement age and immigration reforms, while Attal's is the highest of all current French politicians (40%). Attal has served under Macron since his 2016 campaign, most recently as education minister, and reportedly shares Macron's centrist, pragmatic approach to governance.

Prime ministers in France are appointed by the president and typically enact the president's policies in collaboration with a cabinet of ministers. Learn more here

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