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French Farmer Protests

French farmers continued protesting yesterday, blocking roads and dumping imported produce across the country, demanding government action to address numerous grievances. The protests, now in their second week, are moving toward Paris after breaking out in the southwest agricultural region. At least two people have died during the protests.

France has roughly 456,000 farms and is among the EU's highest-producing countries, with an output of over $79B. The FNSEA farming union, which is leading the protest, is demanding better protection against cheaper foreign competition, continued diesel tax breaks, immediate EU agricultural subsidy payments, guarantees on health and climate insurance payouts, and aid for winemakers and organic farmers.

The protests have become the first major challenge for newly appointed Prime Minister Gabriel Attal. Officials say a response from the government could be announced today. The protests join similar farmer demonstrations recently in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Romania.

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