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Gadgets Debut in Vegas

One of the world's largest electronics and technology conferences returns to Las Vegas today, with 100,000 people expected to attend the four-day 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. The annual show-and-tell event, which began in 1967, allows companies to preview their latest innovations while setting the stage for the year's biggest trends in tech.

About 3,000 companies, from startups to major brands, including Sony, Apple, and Samsung, are expected to exhibit their products at CES. This year's lineup includes a focus on next-generation TVs and laptops, electric vehicles, smart home appliances, and wearables to monitor health and wellness. See the latest news from the event here.

Among the unconventional gadgets are a handheld device from L'Oréal that uses augmented reality to draw the perfect eyebrow and an at-home hands-free toilet device to monitor metabolic and reproductive health.

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