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Gay Resigns

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned yesterday, stepping down amid mounting claims of plagiarism and criticism over recent congressional testimony on campus antisemitism. It marks the shortest presidential tenure in the university's history. 

Public scrutiny of Gay began after she joined a Dec. 5 House panel, providing testimony in which she appeared to equivocate on the question of whether extreme antisemitism violated the student code of conduct (see clip). Following the testimony, allegations Gay copied from other scholars in both her thesis and scholarly articles emerged (they had reportedly been brought to Harvard's attention prior to the congressional panel). 

The university board backed Gay following the testimony and the initial claims of plagiarism, with an independent probe finding she used duplicative language but did not commit serious misconduct. Her resignation came after another round of allegations was published late Monday in the Washington Free Beacon

Gay is the second of the three witnesses from the Dec. 5 hearing to leave her post, following University of Pennsylvania's Liz Magill. 

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