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Gaza Aid Ramps Up

The second in a series of aid ships departed from Cyprus over the weekend, carrying almost 400 tons of food and supplies en route to the Gaza Strip. The shipments have been coordinated by World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit led by celebrity chef José Andrés. 

The delivery will provide an estimated 1 million meals and follows a 200-ton shipment earlier last week. Aid imports before the war typically accounted for roughly two-thirds of food supplies in Gaza; see a breakdown of the aid gap since the current fighting began.

International groups have warned parts of Gaza may begin experiencing famine by early summer (see definition). Meanwhile, US-led construction of a temporary floating pier, which can reportedly handle up to 2 million meals per day, could be ready by early May. 

Separately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a deadline today to submit a new law exempting ultra-Orthodox Jewish citizens from compulsory military service. The highly contentious issue has split both Netanyahu's governing coalition and the broader public. 

See updates on the war here.

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