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Gov. Kemp, Fellow Governors Call on Biden Administration to Take Further Action on Formula Shortage

Governor Brian Kemp

Press Release

Governor Brian P. Kemp has joined 18 other governors in calling on the Biden Administration to take immediate, decisive action to ease the strain parents are experiencing due to the nationwide baby formula shortage. The coalition sent a letter detailing their concerns and additional courses of action to President Biden earlier today.

"Baby formula is essential to 8.2 million Americans, and after months of inaction by the federal government, the out-of-stock rate for baby formula now stands at 40 percent nationwide," said Governor Kemp. "This crisis has been exacerbated by surging inflation and the rising costs of consumer goods, and President Biden and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have failed to adequately address the nationwide formula shortage. Instead of shifting blame and delaying action, my fellow governors and I are imploring them to take additional steps to increases formula availability while also addressing the underlying regulatory barriers that led to a shortage of this significance."

Yesterday, Governor Kemp renewed the State of Emergency for Supply Chain Disruptions via Executive Order The order prohibits price gouging of baby formula. If Georgians feel they have fallen victim to price gouging, they should contact the Office of the Attorney General (more here).

A copy of the letter, which outlines a detailed action plan from the 19-governor coalition, will be made available on social media, at in the press release section, and by direct request.

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