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Ground Invasion (Still) Looms

Israeli defense officials told troops yesterday to prepare for an imminent ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, the latest in a string of signals suggesting Israel intends to conduct a major operation to root out Hamas militants from the territory. The comments—roughly two weeks after Hamas launched a surprise attack in southern Israel, killing at least 1,400 civilians (see previous write-up)—come as other officials have suggested a more strategic operation.

Separately, reports suggest the US will redirect some of its stockpile of 155 mm artillery shells (typically used in towed field guns, like howitzers) designated for Ukraine to Israel. The stockpiles themselves are US-owned but stored in Israel for emergency use.

In related news, more than 300 people were arrested yesterday after holding a protest in the Cannon Building, home to House lawmakers next to the US Capitol. The crowd was demonstrating for a cease-fire by both sides.

More than 4,200 people have been killed in total over the past two weeks of fighting. See updates on the war here.

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