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Harvard Backs Gay

Harvard University President Claudine Gay will submit a trio of revisions to her 1997 graduate dissertation, according to reports yesterday, following allegations of plagiarism that have surfaced in recent weeks. The updates came the same day a university-sponsored independent review accused Gay of using duplicative language and insufficient attribution while concluding the instances fell short of serious misconduct.  

Gay came under public scrutiny after providing congressional testimony widely criticized for being evasive about instances of extreme antisemitism on campus—an appearance which ultimately led to the firing of Gay's cowitness, Liz Magill, from the University of Pennsylvania. The university board backed Gay both following the remarks and after rumors of plagiarism surfaced in the hearing's wake. Claims of alleged copying range from vaguely similar phrasing to nearly verbatim sentences (some examples here).  

The House Education and Workforce Committee said this week it will launch a probe into Harvard's handling of the claims. 

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