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Havana Syndrome Refuted

Cases of what has become known as "Havana Syndrome" were unlikely to have been caused by a foreign adversary or some type of directed energy weapon, according to US intelligence. The new analysis does not pinpoint a cause for the reported illnesses but points to possible environmental factors and preexisting medical conditions in many cases.

The number of cases reported has surpassed 1,500 across 96 countries, afflicting diplomatic staff and military personnel with symptoms including vertigo, nausea, brain fog, and more. Previous reports have noted both that similar physiological effects may be caused by pulsed microwave or radio frequencies and that the Soviet Union carried out a program to irradiate the US embassy with microwaves during the Cold War. Analysts said the intelligence update likely means a specific cause, if any, may never be determined.

The new report is the result of a years-long probe into the illnesses; find the full documents here.

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