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Hayesville runners compete in WNC Cross Country Carnival


By Travis Dockery

389 Country Editor

On Saturday, Aug. 27, Hayesville runners loaded up and headed to Hendersonville to compete in the WNC Cross Country Carnival. A total of 43 teams were represented at the meet with hundreds of runners hitting the trail.

Girls 3000 Meter Run

Riley Denton: 49th place, 16:08.35

Kylah Eller: 74th place, 17:47.12

Girls 5000 Meter Run

Marley Espinal: 64th place, 25:11.04

Kaysen Krieger: 73rd place, 25.37.48

Lila Roberts: 81st place, 25:46.44

Raelynn Wood: 83rd place, 25:49.04

Lilliani Denton: 109th place, 27:22.96

Amyna Denton: 121st place, 28:14.27

Breanna Abrams: 131st place, 28:32.58

Boys 3000 Meter Run

Luke Lee: 7th place, 10:53.53

Dawson Coker: 45th place, 12:24.30

Jackson Sellers: 48th place, 12:30.34

Cooper Matheson: 51st place, 12:43.28

Logan Cummins: 55th place, 12:5296

Damon Shook: 74th place, 13:56.98

Boys 5000 Meter Run

Landon Hughes: 61st place, 19:58.21

Cannon Brewer: 71st place, 20:13.42

Zachary Townsend: 95th place, 21:07.58

Cameron Gray: 104th place, 21:30.98

Isaac Chandler: 118th place, 22:03.77

Kyle Shaheen: 131st place, 22:46.18

Caden Gordon: 145th place, 24:34.59

Hayesville runners will compete in the Jaguar Jungle Run on Wednesday, Aug. 31. The meet will be hosted by Tri County Early College.

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