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Historic Planes Collide

Six people were killed Saturday when two historical aircrafts crashed midair at an airshow in Dallas in front of thousands of spectators. The victims were trained pilots who volunteered for the educational event, including one former Texas city councilman.

The crash occurred at the Wings Over Dallas airshow when a rare P-63 Kingcobra fighter plane banked into a slow-moving B-17 Flying Fortress, both World War II-era aircraft. Crash debris scattered across a highway and a mall, though no injuries were reported on the ground. The B-17—only nine of which remain airworthy in the world—dropped more bombs on Germany than any other plane used in the US Air Force, while the P-63—one of four still able to fly—was deployed by the Soviet Union.

Federal agencies continue to investigate the cause of the crash, though some observers suggested the B-17 may have been in the fighter pilot's blind spot. See footage of the crash here (warning: sensitive content).

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