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Important Contacts for Residents

Press Release

When we moved to the area, I was certain that there were a number of Clay County contacts that I may need to reach out to … the problem … I had no idea the phone numbers of those services … and phone books are so much a thing of the past! So, I made a list of a number of places and services. Maybe this list might be helpful to you or to someone you know. So, I will try to give you some of the ones that I thought generally might be good to have.


• 911 Emergencies – dial 911. Stay on the phone with them giving as clear and accurate as possible the requested information. They can dispatch the Fire Department, EMS with ambulance, or police depending on your particular emergency.

• Ambulance for non-emergency situations – Please call 828-389-1233

• Abuse Services – If you need to contact the local Alcoholics Anonymous support, please call 828-837-4440. We also have REACH who can get you help, get educated, and get empowered. Their phone number is 828-389-0797. Feel free to check them out at their website,

• Hospitals – The two closest hospitals to Clay County would be Erlanger WNC (828-837-8161) or Chatuge Regional (706-896-2222)


• Superintendent – 828-389-8513, Elementary School – 828-389-8586, Middle School – 828-389-9924, High School – 828-389-6532


• Hayesville – 828-389-6625, Brasstown – 828-837-5046, Warne – 828-389-6811


• Electrical Service – Blue Ridge Mountain EMC (BRMEMC) who can be reached at 800-292-6456

• Water And Sewer - 828-389-1361

• Home phone services – Frontier 877-731-9676

• Trash/Landfill Station (1160 Hinton Center Rd. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Closed Wednesday and Sunday) - 828-389-9133

• License Plate Office – 828-389-8133

• Fire Department (non-emergency) – All of the Clay County Fire Departments have consolidated under Clay County Fire And Rescue and reachable at 828-389-6905. You can also work with them if you need a burn permit.

• Forest Service – 828-837-5152

• Animal Control – Please call 828-389-8052, ext, 108

• Clay County Chamber of Commerce – 828-389-3704

• Clay County Transportation - 828-389-0644

• Clay County Progress (local newspaper) – 828-389-8431

• Food Pantry – 828-389-1657

• Senior Citizens Center - 828-389-9271

• Meals on Wheels – 828-389-9271

• Health Department – 828-389-8052

• Social Security Office - 866-562-0738

• Veterans Office - 828-389-3355

There are so many other numbers that I could have listed here but have hopefully selected ones that may be of use to you.

Our temperatures have been definitely below our normal and have heard of a number of people having problems with their heat and some have suffered frozen plumbing and the problems that causes. Stay well and, as always, please stay safe!

Clay County Fire & Rescue

Week of January 10 – 16, 2024 Total calls = 7

Medical Assist Calls – 4

Motor Vehicle Accidents – 2

Dispatched, No Incident Found - 1

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