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Increase in home, camper fires during the holidays

The first of the three fires was paged out at 5:22 am on November 19, 2023 with 9 personnel responding to 327 School House Drive. Upon arrival, it was confirmed that this home had heavy fire involvement. The great news was that all 7 occupants made it out and were safe. The Department did the best they could but the structure was a complete loss. We are fortunate to live in a very giving community that has stepped up to help this family and the American Red Cross is doing everything they can as well.

The second fire was paged out at 3:14 pm on November 22, 2023 with 8 personnel responding to 36 Timberlake Drive. Upon arrival, the camper was fully involved. Again, the occupants were already out and safe because the camper also was a complete loss.

The last fire was paged out at 5:23 am on December 1, 2023 with 6 personnel responding to 604 McClure Road. Upon arrival, an outside building at this location had already completely burned and had spread to a camper nearby with the home also in danger. Units were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the house as well as stopped the camper fire on the back exterior.

As of this writing, the exact cause for each of these fires is unknown. But, historically, around the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, the Fire Department has seen an increase in home and camper fires. There are always extra steps you can take to help minimize your chance of a holiday fire.

A couple things to consider would include:

• Decorate the interior of your home with interior light … not exterior. By the same token, don’t use interior lights outside!

• Make sure that any exterior plugins are used in accordance with what they are rated for!

• Don’t overload a breaker because that is a great way to start an electrical fire!

For sure, there was a reason for each of these fires. Being mindful and doing your part can and does make a world of difference to protect you and your family. Let’s all stay holiday safe.

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