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'Indiana Jones' Returns

Harrison Ford will hang up his fedora for good as "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," the fifth installment of the adventure film series, hits theaters today.

The film is the first Indiana Jones movie not directed by Steven Spielberg, with James Mangold taking the helm. Utilizing de-aging AI technology in some scenes, the film follows Jones, now in his 80s, as he races against time to prevent an ancient dial, capable of altering history, from falling into the hands of his longtime Nazi nemesis. Since its creation by George Lucas over four decades ago, the Indiana Jones series has had a profound impact on both cinema and popular culture.

The movie is projected to earn $65M during its domestic opening weekend, placing it on par with 2018's "Mission: Impossible–Fallout." The Indiana Jones franchise has grossed over $2B at the box office when adjusted for inflation. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival May 18, where Harrison Ford was presented with an honorary Palme d'Or.

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