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Iran Strikes Israel

Iran launched an estimated 300 missiles and armed drones at Israel in its first direct strike against Israel from Iranian territory. Israel, the UK, the US, and France intercepted 99% of the projectiles, with Jordan intercepting missiles over its airspace. Five projectiles landed within Israel’s borders, with one wounding a 7-year-old girl.

The attack was retaliation for an Israeli airstrike this month, which killed three Iranian generals and four officers at an Iranian consular building in Syria. The two have engaged in hostilities since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, typically through Iranian proxy groups. Iran has funded Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hamas in Gaza, and militant groups in Iraq and Syria. Israel has targeted Iranian military leaders and nuclear scientists (but rarely comments on strikes).

Western nations condemned the attack, while President Joe Biden said the US will not participate in retaliatory military action against Iran. It comes as Israel and Hezbollah continue to exchange dozens of rockets across the Israel-Lebanon border and as Iran seized an Israeli-linked ship. Israel said it will respond to Iran's attack on its own timeframe.

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