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Iranian Schoolgirls Poisoned

Dozens of Iranian schoolgirls were reportedly poisoned by an unknown substance Tuesday, the latest in a four-month string of similar incidents affecting roughly 700 female students nationwide. Officials recently claimed the events may stem from a deliberate attack to shut down schools for girls, with the prosecutor general announcing a criminal investigation.

While no deaths have been reported, many of the students have been hospitalized after exhibiting symptoms of weakness and nausea. Chemical analysis revealed the substances aren't military-grade, although the exact compound hasn't been identified. Some parents and lawmakers have called for school to be held online for student safety.

The first known incident came in November in the city of Qom, southwest of Tehran, followed by at least 30 other schools since. The mysterious cases come as nationwide protests—largely led by young women, including students—continue after the September in-custody death of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini at the hands of morality police.

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