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Israel-Gaza War Intensifies

The last operational power plant in Gaza went offline yesterday, running out of fuel after Israel fully closed the two entry points into the area, prohibiting the transport of food, fuel, water, and more. The lockdown followed a surprise assault by Hamas over the weekend and the subsequent taking of hostages back into Gaza. See ongoing updates here.

The death toll in Israel, primarily from the initial attack and almost entirely civilians, has risen to at least 1,200. At least 22 Americans were reported to been among those killed. At least 1,100 Palestinians—including children, though sources vary on exact figures—have been killed in retaliatory strikes by Israel.

The fate of an estimated 150 hostages taken into Gaza remains unknown. Hamas officials threatened to execute hostages in response to unannounced airstrikes (no reports of such acts have surfaced as of this writing). Some number of Americans are believed to be among the hostages.

Reports of atrocities from Hamas' initial Saturday attack continue to mount as Israeli forces sweep through small towns near the Gaza border, most notably in the kibbutz villages of Kfar Aza and Be'eri.

Meanwhile, intense Israeli airstrikes have forced hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents to flee their homes. Egypt has thus far rejected the idea of an evacuation corridor across its border with Gaza.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and prominent opposition figure Benny Gantz agreed to form an emergency unity government. The partnership will expire when the current war ends.

Analysts say the prospect of a ground invasion of Gaza by Israel appears increasingly likely. See visuals of the situation in Gaza here.

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