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Israel Strikes Hezbollah

Israeli forces launched a series of strikes across parts of neighboring Lebanon yesterday in retaliation for cross-border fire from Hezbollah fighters that killed one Israeli soldier and wounded eight others (including seven civilians). At least three Lebanese civilians and one militant were killed in the strikes. 

Escalating tensions between both sides have stoked fears the current Israel-Hamas war in Gaza may spiral into a broader conflict. Hezbollah, like Hamas, is backed by Iran and designated by the US as a terrorist organization. The group is the dominant political force in Lebanon and claims to have as many as 100,000 fighters (more than double that of Hamas). 

Hezbollah fighters have kept up nearly continuous fire across Israel's northern border since October. Read more about the potential impact of an Israel-Hezbollah war here

In related news, reports suggest the US deployed a "Ginsu" missile—a modified nonexplosive Hellfire missile with six blades, designed to limit civilian casualties—to kill a militia leader in downtown Baghdad last week. 

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