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Israel Tunnel Operation

The Israeli military has reportedly begun pumping seawater from the Mediterranean into a complex tunnel network underneath Gaza. The operation, likely to take weeks, is part of Israel's efforts to destroy the roughly 300-mile-long infrastructure used by Hamas to transport supplies and personnel (see overview). Some of the 140 remaining hostages from Hamas' Oct. 7 attack are believed to be held inside the tunnels. See more war updates here.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to be at odds over the future of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu said he would not allow the Palestinian Authority to take control of Gaza after the war and acknowledged disagreement with the US, which seeks a two-state solution. During a private event, Biden reportedly called on Israel's government to make changes to its approach to the war or risk losing international support.

Separately, the 193-member UN General Assembly voted to approve a nonbinding resolution for a humanitarian cease-fire. The US opposed the resolution; it also vetoed a similar but legally binding resolution in the 15-member UN Security Council last week.

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