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Israel Widens Strikes

Israeli forces carried out airstrikes against multiple targets in Gaza, two airports in Syria, and a mosque allegedly used by militants in the West Bank over the weekend, stoking fears its two-week-old war with Hamas may spiral into a broader regional conflict. The strikes come as Israeli forces trade fire with Hezbollah militants along the Lebanese border (see maps) and say arms are being delivered to the group via Syria.

In related news, reports suggest Israeli officials found instructions for making cyanide-based chemical weapons on a Hamas fighter killed during the group's Oct. 7 attack on villages in southern Israel. The document was traced to a 2003 al-Qaida manual—it is unclear whether Hamas has the capability to carry out (or is imminently planning) such an attack.

Separately, Israeli officials raised the number of confirmed hostages taken by Hamas to 212. The assessment follows the Qatar-mediated release of two Americans (see previous write-up), the first hostages to be released by Hamas.

The death toll from the fighting continues to rise, including at least 1,400 Israelis and at least 4,600 Palestinians. See updates on the war here.

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