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Istanbul Bombing Suspect

1411 Digest

Turkish police yesterday arrested a Syrian woman who they say confessed to the weekend blast on a busy street in Istanbul that left six dead and more than 80 injured. Officials allege the suspect is connected to Kurdish militants. Both the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the militia group, the People’s Defense Units, have denied involvement in the attack.

Istanbul police viewed footage from 1,200 security cameras and carried out raids in 21 locations. The suspect was captured on camera departing the scene of the blast after leaving TNT-type explosives on the pedestrian street. At least 46 others were also questioned. See our previous write-up on the attack here.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party, which seeks an independent Kurdish state within Turkey, has been in conflict with Turkey for more than four decades. The group is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US, the EU, and Turkey. See a visual explainer of the conflict here.

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