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Kerch Bridge Explosion

Photo from Flickr

A key bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula with mainland Russia was significantly damaged after a Saturday explosion caused a partial collapse of two segments of the structure. Three people were reportedly killed in the blast, which analysts say was likely carried out by the Ukrainian intelligence service.

The 12-mile-long bridge, spanning the Kerch Strait (see map), is the longest in Europe and the largest ever built by Russia. Opened in 2018, the structure symbolized Russia's occupation of Crimea—annexed from Ukraine four years earlier while serving as a key supply route to the region. Reports suggest the bridge remains partially operational but creates challenges for Russian logistics amid a swift Ukrainian counteroffensive in the country's south and east.

Russia responded with a strike on the city of Zaporizhzhia that killed at least 12 people. See updates on the war here and watch video footage of the bridge explosion here.

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