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Lady Jacket volleyball season heating up with conference play

Madison Moore

After starting their season with quality non-conference foes, the Lady Yellow Jacket volleyball teams are now in the Smoky Mountain Conference portion of their 2022 schedule.

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Hayesville hosted their rivals from Murphy. The varsity Lady Jackets got off to a great start by downing Murphy 25-23 in the first set to take a 1-0 match lead. Unfortunately for Hayesville, that was the only positive for the match as the Lady Bulldogs won the next three sets 25-23, 25-14 and 25-21 to win the match 3-1.

"We played textbook in the first game and up to about point 20 in game two," said head coach Tammy Dills. "Then we just couldn’t finish game two and then let the set loss affect our overall play for game three. We played hard in game four but never could go ahead."

Mallory Peck: 6K, 6 Digs, 1 Ace

Madison Moore: 8K

Trinity Frias: 8K, 12 Digs

Anneliese Scheu: 9K, 4 Aces, 9 Digs

Emma Shook: 3K, 28 Asst., 22 Digs

Phoebe Pietila: 3 Asst., 22 Digs

Katie Pierce: 1K, 2 Aces, 13 Digs

Hayesville's JV team saw more success against the rival team. In the first set, the atmosphere was thick with excitement with each volley and point. The Lady Jackets were able to pull away in the opening set to get the 25-17 win.

As hard as it is to believe, the second set was even more intense. Neither team was able to grab momentum to go on a scoring run. Kudos to both teams for their hustle and determination. Eventually, the Lady Jackets had to use the "win by two" rule to take the set 26-24 and the match 2-0.

Olivia Giddens: 5K, 5 Aces, 7 Digs

Bryleigh Krieger: 4K, 1 Ace, 2 Digs

Maddison Graves: 3K, 6 Digs

Ava Shook: 3K, 6 Digs

Ella Matheson: 3K, 2 Blocks

Then on Thursday, Sept. 1, both squads loaded the bus and swarmed into Bryson City to take on the Swain County Lady Maroon Devils. The play on the court led to a good bus ride home with a bus load of winners.

The varsity squad opened their match with a roller nail-biting 27-26 win in set one. That was followed by yet another close game with the Lady Jackets being able to barely slip by Swain 26-24 to go up 2-0 for the match.

Set three saw the Lady Devils grab the momentum and seemed to be on their way to an easy win. However, refusing to just tap out, Hayesville kept fighting. Up 24-16, Swain needed just one point, but the Lady Jackets closed the gap to a 4-point deficit before the Lady Devils finished the set off with a 25-21 win.

The loss didn't derail the Lady Jacket train and Hayesville came out in the fourth set and rolled over Swain with a 25-13 win to take the 3-1 match victory. With the win, the Lady Jackets' overall record sits at 6-2.

Following the faceoff with Swain, coach Dills said, "As a coach, you want to see how they rebound from a intense loss and come back. They came back with a vengeance and played extremely well."

Mallory Peck: 8K, 2 Aces, 7 Blocks

Madison Moore: 7K, 2 Blocks

Anneliese Scheu: 7K, 2 Aces, 5 Digs

Gracie Perry: 3 Aces, 14 Digs

Emma Shook: 24 Asst., 3 Aces, 15 Digs

Phoebe Pietila: 1K, 2 Aces, 18 Digs

For the JV match, it was a tale of two evenly matched teams. It took extra volleyball to determine the winner in the opening set. After a back and fourth start, the hosting Lady Maroon Devils were able to will their way to a 26-24 win to go up 1-0 in the match.

Raylyn Taylor

Hayesville remained in a dog fight in the second set with every point being equally earned and exhausting. Swain wouldn't let the Lady Jackets get too comfortable, matching the visiting squad point-for-point. Hayesville was able to win the race to 25, evening the match at 1-1 with a 25-23 set win.

The deciding set three was abbreviated, as just 15 points was needed to take the overall victory. It was no surprise that the SMC foes were again deadlocked in a fight for the momentum and lead. Finally, the Lady Jackets were able to capitalize and win the set 15-13 to get the match victory which improved their record to 6-2.

A proud coach Dills commented on her JV squad, saying, " The ladies played hard this week. They competed against two big conference teams and came out on top. They had to work for each and every point this week and it was exciting to see them battle others."

Ava Shook: 7K, 6 Digs

Maddison Graves: 3K, 10 Digs

Raylyn Taylor: 16 Asst.

Hayesville heads to Cherokee today to face the Lady Braves.

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