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Lady Jackets win SMC championship with undefeated season

The Lady Jackets' 4x800 relay team helped push Hayesville to a conference championship with a record-breaking performance. Pictured are Savannah Burch, Sydney Greenstone, Alexia Fields, Raelynn Wood.

By Travis Dockery


On Monday, April 25, Hayesville Middle School athletes traveled to Robbnsville to compete in the 2022 track and field conference championship meet. The Lady Jackets completed a perfect season, winning the title and finishing the year undefeated. For the boys, a miniscule 1 point kept them from the top of the podium. The strong performances by both teams led to several new school records.

Women's Team Results

1. Hayesville 181

2. Swain 126

3. Robbinsville 80

4. Murphy 76

5. Andrews 69

6. Martins Creek 18

7. Cherokee 16

Women's Individual Results (Top 5)

100m- Kadence Morrow 3rd place

200m- Ava Shook 1st place, Emma Ashe 4th place, Kadence Morrow 5th place

400m- Emma Ashe 1st place, Briley Clampitt 3rd place

1600m- Savannah Burch 3rd place, Raelynn Wood 4th place

100 m Hurdles- Briley Clampitt 2nd place, Skylar Lockaby 4th place, Olivia Giddens 5th place

4x100m Relay- 2nd place (Kadence Morrow, Skylar Lockaby, Leah Thomas, Marlo Joyce)

4x200 m Relay- 1st place (Ava Shook, Emma Ashe, Kadence Morrow, Olivia Giddens)

4x400m Relay- 3rd place (Alexia Fields, Briley Clampitt, Khylei Alberta, Skylar Lockaby) set new school record 4:57.07

4x800 m Relay- 2nd place (Savannah Burch, Sydney Greenstone, Alexia Fields, Raelynn Wood) set new school record 11:36.09

High Jump- Ava Shook 1st place (set new school record 5-1), Olivia Giddens 2nd place

Long Jump- Skylar Lockaby 4th place

Triple Jump- Emma Ashe 2nd place, Leah Thomas 5th place

Shot Put- Blaire Hedden 3rd place, Madalynn Nemkovich 4th place

Discus- Blaire Hedden 1st place, Emillia Lackey 2nd place

**Other recognitions for the season**

Ava Shook set new triple jump record with 31-7

4x200 m Relay (Ava Shook, Emma Ashe, Kadence Morrow, Oliva Giddens) set new school record with 1:55. 50

Men's Team Results

Johan Webb set a new school record in the 110 meter hurdles event.

1. Murphy 135

2. Hayesville 134

3. Andrews 101

4. Swain 85.5

5. Cherokee 53.5

6. Robbinsville 37

7. HDR 17

8. Martins Creek 7

Men's Individual Results (Top 8)

Long Jump: Johan Webb - 2nd place (new school record 18-4.75); Colton Bruggers - 6th place

Triple Jump: Johan Webb - 2nd place (new school record 36-0)

Shot Put: Will Brown - 1st place, Landon Trout - 4th place; EJ Abrams - 7th place

Discus: Landon Trout - 1st place; EJ Abrams - 6th place

4x800m Relay: 5th place - Micah Moss, Hayden Hunt, Jackson Dye, Noah Carter (new school record 10:40.30)

110m Hurdles: Johan Webb - 1st place (new school record 17.87); Colton Bruggers - 4th place

100m: Peyton McGaha - 5th place; Tre Graves - 7th place; Raul Rivera-Prieto - 8th place

4x200m Relay: 2nd place - Tre Graves, Ben Bethel, Peyton McGaha, Jack Dorsey

200m: Peyton McGaha 5th place

400m: Johan Webb - 2nd place (set new school record 56.90); Colton Bruggers - 5th place

1600m: Noah Carter - 5th place; Jackson Dye - 6th place: Micah Moss - 8th place

4x100m Relay: 2nd place - Tre Graves, Jack Dorsey, Raul Rivera-Prieto, Peyton McGaha (new school record 47.68)

4x400m Relay: 1st place - Ben Bethel, Raul Rivera, EJ Abrams, Colton Bruggers (new school record 4:09.04)

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