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Last-Minute Holiday Buying Tips



It's the week before Christmas and you find yourself scratching your head in a packed shopping center trying to find the perfect present. We've all been there, trying to get an amazing present for that one person that is so hard to buy for. Sometimes you end up panic buying something that you later regret, knowing that it won't be quite right. So how do you buy the perfect present for the impossible person? Prezzee's executive gifting expert has you covered with some top tips:

Let them pick their perfect present! A digital gift card is the perfect present for someone who is hard to buy for. Prezzee's Smart eGift Card can be swapped and spent at hundreds of U.S. retailers, so your loved one can choose to spend your generous present however they like.

Give them the gift of giving If your loved one is impossible to buy for, making a donation in their name is a meaningful way to celebrate the festive season. Pick a charity or cause you know they care about and present them with a certificate so they know their present made an impact.

Purchase a sustainable gift Unfortunately, Christmastime is an incredibly wasteful time of year, with household waste doubling during this period. Your contribution may feel small but every little bit counts. Shop at markets for locally made gifts or and gift them something you've made yourself – get creative!

Gift the experience of a lifetime Experiences can be priceless. From skydiving to swimming with dolphins, pottery classes or hot air ballooning – gift your loved one an experience they will cherish. Prezzee has everything from pamper, cinema to restaurant experiences available as gift cards – check out our website for more tips and advice today

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About Prezzee Prezzee is a global digital gifting business that prides itself on creating remarkable gifting moments for consumers, businesses and 1,000+ brand partners across the world. Founded in 2014, Prezzee has evolved from a two-person Australian start-up to a global business with operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

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