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Lunar Lander Success

The Odysseus spacecraft successfully reached the lunar surface yesterday, becoming the first-ever private-sector mission to land on the moon while remaining operational. Its arrival also represents the first US-built spacecraft to land on the moon in more than 50 years, following the final Apollo mission in 1972. 

Built by Intuitive Machines and launched aboard a SpaceX rocket, Odysseus touched down about 180 miles from the lunar south pole. The region is of interest to scientists due to the presence of ice, along with traces of evidence from the early formation of the solar system. The payload included about $120M in NASA materials meant in part to lay the groundwork for a human visit in 2026 as part of the Artemis program (along with a number of art sculptures). Intuitive Machines' stock has jumped more than 300% since early January. 

See footage from the control room during the final stage of the operation here

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