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Mallory Beach Settlement

The family of Mallory Beach, killed in a South Carolina boat crash, reached a settlement yesterday in their wrongful death suit against Greg Parker, owner of Parker’s convenience stores. Parker will pay $18M to the survivors of the crash, with $15M of the settlement going to the Beach family.

Beach, then 19, died in February 2019 after a boat driven by an intoxicated Paul Murdaugh crashed into a bridge in Beaufort County, causing Beach to be thrown overboard. Her body was found eight days later, with the cause of death determined to be blunt force trauma and drowning. Parker is accused of illegally selling alcohol to the underage Murdaugh before the crash. The case garnered national attention when Murdaugh, who was facing charges in connection with the crash, was murdered alongside his mother in June 2019. His father, Alex, was ultimately convicted of double homicide.

The news comes after the Beach family settled with the Murdaugh family in a separate case in January. Another civil harassment case against Parker’s is still ongoing.

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