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Mass Shooting in Prague

At least 14 people were killed and dozens more injured, several of them critically, in a shooting at Charles University's faculty of arts building in Prague’s city center yesterday, marking the Czech Republic's deadliest mass shooting.

The unidentified shooter, said to be a 24-year-old student, targeted the fourth floor of the university building before he died during the shooting. The police had been searching for the suspect, whose father was found deceased earlier the same day, and said he was inspired by a similar incident abroad, citing a probe into his social media.

The police chief said the shooter legally owned several weapons. The Czech Republic is the only country in Europe that grants the constitutional right to bear arms—about 1 in 30 citizens holds a gun permit—while mandating written and practical tests and psychological screenings. Mass shootings are uncommon in the country, with the last one in 2019 when a man killed six people, including himself, at a hospital.

The university, founded in 1348, is one of the world’s oldest and sits near major tourist sites, including the 14th-century Charles Bridge.

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