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McClure breaks 28 year old family record

With pride beaming from his face, 28-year record holder Chad McClure acknowledged the new HHS shot put record holder, his son Taylor.

The HHS track and field season got off to a historic start for one Yellow Jacket. Junior Taylor McClure stepped out of the shot put competition and into the record books with a throw that smashed Hayesville's previous record distance which had stood for 28 years and was set by Chad McClure, Taylor's dad.

Hayesville athletes made the short trip to Andrews on Wednesday, March 8 for the season opening meet. With coaches and family in attendance, McClure took his turn in the shot put competition and launch a throw some baseball players would be envious of. When the weighted ball landed, a measurement of 49' 6.5" was called out. There was an immediate cheer as people realized Taylor had just beaten his dad's 28 year old HHS record.

"I am extremely proud of him and how hard he has worked up to this point," said the elder McClure. "I've had a lot of athletes over the years tell me they were going to break it, but he's the one who did it which is pretty neat. It was a great moment we got to share. I appreciate all the time coaches have invested in him along the way."

When asked how far his long-standing record distance was, McClure said, "I think 48'. It might have been 47' 11.5". It doesn't matter now anyway. It wasn't even close."

The new record holder also scored a first place finish in the 100 meter dash.

Full results from the meet were not available at the time of writing.

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