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Moscow Attack Fallout

The death toll in a mass shooting at a popular concert venue outside Moscow rose to around 140 over the weekend, with more than 150 others wounded. It marks the country's deadliest terrorist attack in two decades, with rescue workers saying heavy fire damage continues to impede search efforts (see footage—warning, sensitive content).

The attack was quickly claimed by a group known as ISIS-K, short for ISIS-Khorasan Province (see overview), an offshoot of the broader jihadi organization. Operating out of parts of Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan, analysts say the group has targeted Russia for its treatment of Muslims inside the country and its involvement in Syria. 

The group was also responsible for dual January bombings in Iran, as well as the bombing of the Kabul airport during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which killed 13 American troops and close to 170 Afghans. 

As of this writing, four suspects have been charged with committing acts of terror

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