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Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Team Up For Fentanyl Bust

Press Release

On 02/07/23 Clay County Investigator Nick Queen and Sgt. Tyler Faggard were conducting surveillance of a residence located at 17 Byron Road, Young Harris, Georgia in conjunction with the Towns County Sheriff’s Office. 17 Byron Road was located just south of the state line down Georgia Highway 66 and a residence also suspected of supplying illegal drugs to North Carolina residents.

At 8:20 PM a Buick Encore was noted to leave this residence and travel into North Carolina. This car was stopped by Investigator Queen at 6382 Old Hwy 64 west. Clay County Sgt Steven Smith, NC Trooper AJ Gordon, and Cherokee County Investigator Morgan assisted with this vehicle stop.

The driver of the car was found to be Brianna Jean Turner, 27 years of age from Murphy. Passengers within the car were noted to be: Sandra Gail Dragoo, 68 years of age from Murphy; Stacie Sabrina Graves, 51 years of age from Murphy; Daniel Scott Turner, 27 years of age from Murphy, and Tosha Savannah Eller, 31 years of age from Hayesville.

As Brianna got out of the car, Investigator Queen noted a silver cup containing a substance in the floorboard that was believed to be Fentanyl. After all of the occupants from the vehicle were secured, a thorough search of the car was conducted. A small plastic baggy containing suspected Fentanyl was seized from the car.

Although none of the vehicle’s occupants claimed ownership of the suspected Fentanyl, one admitted they had come from Greg Breitenbach’s residence at 17 Byron Road. All five occupants of the vehicle were arrested and charged with Felony Possession of Fentanyl.

Turner and Graves were not given a bond due to already being out for previous felony charge(s). The remaining three were given $10,000 secured bonds.

As soon as Fentanyl was discovered within the vehicle, Sgt Faggard and Towns County Lt. Forsyth were notified. Based on this and other information, a Georgia search warrant was obtained for Breitenbach’s residence at 17 Byron Road.

Multiple Officers from the Towns County Sheriff’s Office with Clay County Officers present executed this search warrant. Breitenbach was present and Fentanyl was seized during

the search. Gregory Thomas Breitenbach, 44 years of age of Young Harris, was charged by Towns County Sheriff’s Officers with Felony Possession of Fentanyl, Felony Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Drug Related Objects. No bond was allowed for Breitenbach.

Information was later received that additional Fentanyl could be found at Breitenbach’s residence. Officers returned to the residence and seized a very large amount of fentanyl as well as heroin.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have an outstanding partnership with those at the Towns County Sheriff’s Office and this investigation illustrates just that. Towns and Clay Counties have so very much in common including the sharing of those peddling dangerous drugs within our communities.

Investigations such as this should be a warning to those using our state lines as a shield and thinking our two agencies are not working “hand in hand” to free our communities from the blight of illegal drugs.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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