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Murdaugh's Third Sentence

Former South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison yesterday for defrauding his clients and colleagues of millions of dollars over a decade. The sentence—nearly double the length suggested by prosecutors—will be served concurrently with two state sentences: a double life term for the 2021  murder of his wife and son and 27 years for similar financial crimes. He also must pay $8M in restitution. 

In September, the 55-year-old pleaded guilty to 22 federal charges of financial fraud, though he blames his actions on his opioid addiction. The case revealed the now-disbarred personal injury lawyer stole at least $8M in inflated fees or skimmed settlement money from injured clients, including a quadriplegic client hurt in a car crash and a wounded police officer (see details). Prosecutors believe Murdaugh killed his wife and son to garner sympathy amid probes into financial crime allegations.

The sentence concludes outstanding charges against Murdaugh. Read an explainer of the saga here

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