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Musk Polls His Future

A majority of the 17.5 million Twitter users who responded to an informal poll voted in favor of CEO Elon Musk stepping down, according to results posted yesterday. The billionaire initially stated he would abide by the results, but it is unclear if he will do so as of this writing. See potential candidates here.

The poll comes after widespread backlash following a recent move banning users from posting links to other social media sites and a change to the company’s “doxxing” policy. Several prominent journalists were suspended from the platform, some of which have been restored, due to the policy changes. Musk has since announced that users will have the opportunity to vote on all major policy changes going forward. A poll over the policy to block social media competitors shows more than 87% of users oppose the plan.

Musk said in November his leadership of Twitter was likely temporary, as several investors at Tesla have questioned his commitment to the electric vehicle company.

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