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NASA Releases UAP Report

NASA released its first report yesterday on unidentified anomalous phenomena, commonly known as UFOs, finding no evidence that suggests UAPs have an extraterrestrial origin. The 36-page report was conducted by an independent team of experts who relied on unclassified data for their research.

The study was initiated by NASA last year to examine how the agency could contribute to the scientific understanding of UAPs, which numerous military and commercial pilots have reported. The report noted many UAPs could be explained by known sources, including balloons, drones, weather balloons, and more, while also emphasizing the lack of data around UAPs and the need for improved data acquisition methods, such as leveraging Earth observation satellites.

Additionally, NASA announced the appointment of a director of UAP research. The report comes after allegations by a former intelligence officer of a government program to retrieve and reverse engineer UAP craft, which the Defense Department has denied.

See the full report here, including images of alleged UAPs.

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