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New Details in Idaho

Bryan Kohberger did not enter a plea and was denied bail in an Idaho court appearance yesterday. The criminology doctoral student is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of felony burglary in connection with the November slayings of four University of Idaho students.

Newly unsealed court documents indicate a single source of male DNA, matching DNA recovered from his parents' trash, was found on a knife sheath left at the crime scene. Police matched the suspect's vehicle to surveillance footage that captured a white sedan in the area between 3:29 am and 4:04 am before departing the area 16 minutes later at high speed.

The defendant’s cellphone records show the suspect visited the neighborhood 12 times in the months before the killings and also pinged near the scene the morning following the murders. In a chilling recount of the night, one of the surviving roommates stated she heard crying and opened her door before an intruder matching the suspect’s description walked past her and out the door. Read the full affidavit here.

The documents do not reveal a possible motive for the crime.

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