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Next Up—New Hampshire

The second nominating contest of the 2024 presidential election cycle takes place today in New Hampshire. 

The Republican primary has whittled down to a match between former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' exit from the race. An average of all New Hampshire polls shows Trump with about 52% of the vote, while Haley trails behind him with close to 37%. The state's primary is also open to independent voters, whom Haley is hoping to woo. See poll averages here. See all polling data here.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden is the first sitting president running for reelection not to appear on New Hampshire's primary ballot. The Democratic National Committee designated South Carolina as its first primary for 2024 on Feb. 3, rather than sticking with New Hampshire, which has held the first primary for decades as mandated by a 1975 state law. New Hampshire disagreed with the DNC's change to the primary schedule and decided to proceed with its Democratic primary without Biden on the ballot. See an overview here.

Biden's supporters are pushing for a write-in campaign. However, some voters have received robocalls mimicking Biden, deterring them from voting today. 

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