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North Korea Missile Launch

North Korea launched 23 short-range ballistic missiles yesterday—its most ever in a day—toward South Korean territory, including one that landed 16 miles from the two countries' maritime border. Several South Korean regions were placed under air raid alerts, though no injuries were reported.

The missile barrage was North Korea's 28th weapons test in 2022, adding to an already record year of launches. No missiles since 1948 have landed as close to the border as yesterday's, prompting the South Korean military to fire three air-to-surface missiles into North Korean waters. It was the northern country's most provocative test since the early October launch of an intermediate-range missile over northern Japan.

The barrage of tests comes two days after the start of annual military drills between the US and South Korea. The drills, paused during the 5-year administration of former President Moon Jae-in, are the allies' largest ever and involve hundreds of aircraft. See details here.

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