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Nuclear Space Warning

The US has warned Russia not to deploy nuclear weapons in space, noting it would violate a 1967 treaty that bars weapons of mass destruction in space. It marks the first indication of the Biden administration’s approach to Rep. Mike Turner’s (R, OH-10) warning last week alluding to a “serious national security threat.”

Details—including whether such an anti-satellite weapon could be nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed—have not been made public. Any nuclear weapon detonated in space would indiscriminately release a large burst of gamma radiation. That could destroy or damage over 7,000 satellites currently in operation and critical to a range of systems, including GPS, phone and internet usage, financial systems, space surveillance, and missile defense. Russia could deploy the weapon into orbit as soon as this year, according to US sources. 

Separately, the mother of deceased Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said yesterday she was shown her son’s body, but Russian authorities are “blackmailing” and pressuring her to have a secret mourning ceremony.


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