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Opinion: Biden Naming Hillary Clinton as VP Would be a Disastrous Move

Pat Brand

389 Country Political Columnist

As the political landscape gears up for the next presidential election, rumors swirl that President Joe Biden might name Hillary Clinton as his vice-presidential replacement. From a conservative standpoint, this potential move is not only baffling but also alarming. Such a decision would signify a tone-deaf approach to the current political climate and exacerbate the divide that already exists within our nation.

Firstly, Biden's presidency has been marred by numerous crises, from economic instability to border control issues. His administration has struggled to gain traction and trust among many Americans, and adding Hillary Clinton to the ticket would only compound these problems. Clinton's political baggage is extensive. Her history, particularly her handling of the Benghazi incident and the email server scandal, remains a significant stain that she cannot seem to escape. These controversies have cemented a deep-seated mistrust among conservatives and even some moderates.

Moreover, Clinton's candidacy in the 2016 election showcased her inability to connect with a broad base of voters. Despite significant backing from the Democratic establishment, she failed to secure critical swing states, leading to an unexpected defeat by Donald Trump. This historical loss highlights her lack of appeal to the very demographic that Biden needs to win over—working-class Americans who feel left behind by the political elite.

Adding Clinton to the ticket would also signify a troubling return to the old guard of the Democratic Party. Many Americans are yearning for fresh perspectives and new leadership, not a recycling of the same figures who have dominated politics for decades. This move would reinforce the narrative that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the needs and desires of everyday citizens.

Furthermore, Clinton’s presence could alienate progressive voters who are already skeptical of Biden's commitment to their causes. The Democratic Party is currently a coalition of various factions, and Clinton represents a centrist wing that many progressives view with suspicion. Her addition to the ticket could dampen enthusiasm among younger, more progressive voters, potentially driving them towards third-party candidates or leading to voter apathy.

From a conservative perspective, the potential appointment of Hillary Clinton as Vice President would be a strategic misstep for Biden and the Democratic Party. It would amplify existing controversies, alienate key voter bases, and signal a regression to an era of politics that many Americans are eager to move beyond. Instead of fostering unity and trust, this decision would likely deepen the nation's political divide and reinforce the perception that the Democratic Party is more concerned with preserving its power than addressing the pressing issues facing our country.

As conservatives, we should remain vigilant and vocal about the implications of such a move. It is imperative that we continue to advocate for leadership that prioritizes the needs of the American people over political maneuvering. Our nation deserves leaders who are not only competent and trustworthy but also attuned to the evolving sentiments of its citizens. Replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton would be a step in the wrong direction, one that our country can ill afford.

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