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Penn Reckoning

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigned Saturday amid backlash over remarks made during a congressional hearing about on-campus antisemitism Tuesday. Reports of antisemitic harassment have increased at US universities since the start of the Israel-Hamas war two months ago, prompting scrutiny of those institutions' responses. A major donor withdrew a $100M partnership with Penn Thursday as a protest of Magill's comments.

Magill, whose tenure began just 16 months ago, appeared to hedge when asked whether extreme forms of antisemitism, including calling for genocide of Jews, violated Penn's code of conduct, instead saying each situation required further context. A brief clip of the five-hour testimony (watch here) was viewed over 30 million times and led to widespread bipartisan condemnation. Magill's counterparts at the hearing, the presidents of Harvard and MIT, also face calls to resign (read more about tensions at Harvard).

Magill will act as president until her successor is announced and will continue as a faculty member at the school. 

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