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Potential explosive devices discovered in Warne

A suspected explosive device was discovered in the general area pictured above.

By Travis Dockery

389 Country Editor

On Wednesday, June 1, Warne residents received an alarming notice from the Clay County Sheriff's Office. The community was informed that the SBI and bomb technicians were preparing to detonate a device that had the potential to be a bomb.

The uncommon event came about when workers from the Blue Ridge Mountain EMC found a unusual device while under-brushing. Once the device was reported, Clay County Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, EMS and a bomb squad from the SBI convened on Warne.

After closer inspection, it was evident the device was no threat to the public according to Sheriff Bobby Deese. "It was obvious that the device had been there for a long time," said Deese. "The metal was rusty and even if had at one point been intended to be an explosive, it was pretty apparent it was not a threat to the community."

According to Deese, a similar device was found two to three miles from the original scene. That device was also heavily deteriorated and deemed a non-threat to Warne citizens. The bomb technicians destroyed both devices without incident.

"I think if these devices were at one point live, it could have been someone just seeing if they could make one," Deese shared. "Or it could have been some kids who slapped things together to look like a bomb."

Even though the devices were not an immediate threat, Deese said the event was not taken lightly. "We take any call like this seriously and made sure we took every precaution to ensure the publics safety."

Although the devices were eliminated, the sheriff's office has pieces of evidence and has launched an investigation. "We are going to continue to look into it," said Deese. "Whether they were legit or not doesn't matter. We take any situation like this seriously."

Deese said this call was the first of its kind during his time as sheriff.

Anyone with information can call the Clay County Sheriff's Office at (828) 389-6354.

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