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Putin Wins 'Landslide' Election

Vladimir Putin's secured a landslide victory in the Russian presidential election, with preliminary results indicating he secured 87.3% of the vote. Despite widespread protests at polling stations and Russian embassies globally, Putin tightened his grip on power for another six-year term.

The election was marred by accusations of a distorted process, with serious challengers eliminated before voting began. The campaign was overshadowed by the death of Putin's key opponent, Alexei Navalny, and Putin's victory was seen as an affirmation of support for his policies, including the invasion of Ukraine. The turnout was closely monitored, with reports of coercion among public sector employees and attacks on polling stations.

Despite efforts to challenge Putin's legitimacy, including a coordinated protest called "Noon Against Putin," the outcome reaffirmed Putin's dominance, consolidating Russia as a "totally consolidated autocracy."

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