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Racing legend retires

Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series winner Jimmie Johnson announced yesterday he is retiring from full-time participation in motor sports, just two years after pivoting from NASCAR to IndyCar racing. The 47-year-old athlete plans to spend more time with his wife and two daughters as he looks to focus on special, one-time races. Johnson is regarded as one of the greatest NASCAR drivers in the sport's 74-year history, having become the only driver to win five consecutive championships from 2006-10, and is one of only three to win seven total. With 83 total victories, Johnson ranks in the top seven in all-time wins. He retired from NASCAR's stock car racing after nearly two decades, transitioning to the lighter, open-wheel vehicles of IndyCar racing (see car racing overview). After two seasons in IndyCar, Johnson had two top-ten finishes over 29 races, with a fifth-place best in Iowa. Watch video highlights of his career here.

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