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Raleigh Shooting Details

Wake County prosecutors intend to charge the 15-year-old gunman in last Thursday's mass shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina, as an adult, citing the incident's mass loss of life. Five people aged 16 to 52 were killed, including the shooter's 16-year-old brother, while two more were injured. Read their stories here. Independent sources identified the suspect as high school sophomore Austin Thompson, a resident of the Hedingham neighborhood where the shootings took place. He reportedly fired at random in the street before moving to a nearby forest trail, where he continued firing. Police apprehended him after a four-hour search and standoff nearby. Officials have not reported what type of weapon was used, though witnesses have described seeing a long gun. The shooter was hospitalized in critical condition Thursday night, and a motive has not been announced. See a timeline of events here.

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